Being Positive in a Pandemic


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;

thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

           Everyone knows we are in the middle of a pandemic, globally and in the USA. Throughout history disease has presented itself in the form of the Black Death (bubonic plague), Spanish flu, smallpox, and a host of others. History repeats itself time and time again. But in time, and considering the fact God works through scientists and doctors guiding them to developing vaccines and cures, they have all passed. This one will too. I don’t know why these things happen. I believe these deadly viruses develop and take hold before we are aware of them. God has the power to step-in and stop them immediately, but sometimes He doesn’t. Like I said earlier, sometimes He works through people and guides them to develop cures. Jesus tells us in John 16:33 “That in this world we will have trouble, but to take heart for I have overcome the world.” I believe if people will humble themselves and pray, God will answer. But what are we praying for?

We need to be praying for the healthcare providers, of course, and for the healing of those that are sick. We need to pray for the development of vaccines and cures. Let us pray that God will walk with us through the duration of the quarantine, and yes, we can ask for miracles.

But I once had a very wise pastor tell me when I was in a storm of life and totally wanted to skip the dark valley, to ask God to go with me through the valley, not necessarily to skip it, but to grow through it. For what we go through strengthens us, especially if we’re holding on to God. Remember, the Footprints poem, He may have to carry us part of the way and that’s okay.

So how can we go through this with our faces to the sun? Turn to God, just ask Him to come into your heart right now and walk with you through this pandemic. Start reading your Bible and you’ll discover the personality of God. Yes, He does have a personality with emotions. We are made in His image. Be grateful, every day. Ask God to control your thoughts and guide your steps. We’re all in this together, and with God, we will make it. Here is a list of 12 things we in America can be thankful for.

12 Things we can be thankful for—

  1. Springtime and the fact we can get outside to go for a walk, to drink in nature’s beauty.
  2. That we have technology and that we can visit via Facetime or Zoom, social media, email, text or phone. It is also important to check on our neighbors and give the elderly a call.
  3. That we have homes, most of which are equipped with modern conveniences and we are comfortable in them. It’s not like it was for the Jewish people, who had to hide from the Nazis during the time of Hitler. We are not in hiding, nor are we having to be still for fear of being discovered.
  4. That we have time to do those projects that we have put off.
  5. That we have more time to mediate, pray, study God’s word, and get our personal life in order.
  6. That we have our health and the ability to guard it, unless we were caught in the first wave of sickness.
  7. That there is grocery pick-up if we don’t want to risk going into the stores, and we can still order online.
  8. That technology allows us to stay informed via television or computer, even if we’re tired of hearing it, we need to stay informed, but not overdo.
  9. That we have the resources to entertain ourselves—puzzles, games, books, etc.
  10. That we can choose how we are going to handle this, the choice is ours. . .will the glass be half full or half empty?       download (1)
  11. I can take a ride in my car and see the countryside.
  12. Most of us have family or pets, living in our house and we’re not going through this alone. In fact, even if you live alone, rest assured you are not alone. Let someone, friend, neighbor, or family, know your needs and they will be reaching out to you in a heartbeat. It’s the Good Samaritan affect.

Friends, you can do this. Remember, you’re never alone. Onward and upward!

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