Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you see all the candy hearts (especially the chocolate ones) and want to treat your loved ones with the sweetest treats. But this year, something happened that got me to thinking about giving a different kind of “sweet thing.”

You see, my friend called the other day to thank me for her copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I had given the book to her a while back. Now, three years had passed, and as she was reading it that morning she thought of me, and decided to call to tell me how much it means to her.

What a “sweet thing” to do. We discussed how each year we had used colored markers and highlighted the things we wanted to remember. We laughed as we said how dog-eared our copies were becoming and how we’d have to invest in a new copy one of these days, knowing that we didn’t want to because our worn copies were treasures.

After I hung up, I sat and thought about the “sweet thing” she had given to me. She simply made a phone call and lifted my spirits. Then and there, I decided that during this season of sweet remembrances, I would try to give sweet things in word and deed.

How about telling those who serve in your community or church how much you appreciate them and that their work is making a difference?

Go even closer and tell those in your family how much you appreciate what they do for you.

Be like my friend and thank a friend for something they’ve done in your life.  

 Tell that young man or woman struggling to get their life together that you believe in them.

 Tell those young parents they’re doing a great job with their children.

 Tell those senior citizens or shut-ins that their lives still matters; that they are and have been an inspiration to you.

 Tell those young children who touch your live how much they matter to you. Give them a high five of encouragement.

Tell someone in need of prayer that you are praying for them, then be sure you do.

Spread your “sweet things” all around and make this your best Valentine’s Day ever. Better yet, do sweet things the entire month of February or go for the whole year. You’ll be surprised how many hearts you will touch. Have a sweetheart of a year!

10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10 NIV






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