Headlines of Hope


The world is in chaos and hope seems to be buried beneath an avalanche of depressing headlines, add to that the media’s minute-by-minute reports of doom and despair.

Truly, these negatives saturate our spirits creating a sickness in our souls.

Father God, we need an infusion of Your peace. Instead of reading The Daily Despair and listening to S.I.N. reporting Worldly Doom, lift us up. Remind us to read the Good News of Your Word each day.

May we focus on Your headlines of victory, and the miraculous reports of Your followers. Imagine what the headlines might be like. . .

Reported in the Good News Gazette

 God’s Light Shines through Sin-Sick Darkness and Can’t Be Extinguished

 God Is Still In His Heaven & Still On His Throne

 The Red Sea Mysteriously Splits, Saving God’s People from the Egyptians

 Israel’s Obedience to God Brings Down Jericho’s Walls

 Faith-Filled Young Man Slays Philistine Giant with Sling & Stone

 Shepherds Report Angels Appeared In The Sky Proclaiming Messiah’s Birth

 Jesus Gives Living Water

 5000 people Fed by 5 Loaves & 2 Fish

 AND those reports from the Gospel-

What would the Good News media say

about Jesus. . .

 J.O. Y. Network reports a man, blind since birth, received his sight when a carpenter named Jesus applied mud to his eyes. When asked if this was for real, the man was quoted as saying, “This much I know, once I was blind, but now I can see!” He was last seen running after Jesus.

In other news today, the closest followers of Jesus tell us they are no longer afraid in the storms of life.  It seems that Jesus is able to calm the winds, so the disciples turn to Him for all of their needs.

Then today, we have two of John the Baptist’s messengers with us.

“Sir, John sent you to ask Jesus if He is the promised Messiah. What did He say?”

“He told us to go tell John that the blind can see, the lame can walk, those with skin diseases are healed, the deaf can hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is preached to the poor.”

Wow!  That is amazing!

Father God, but what is the Good News today? We know that Jesus did many miracles when he walked this earth.

Ah, my daughter, the miracles are still happening.  My Holy Spirit works through each one of my children. You only have to open your eyes

Cancer Mysteriously Disappears

Crash Avoided: Driver Reports Miracle

Man Walks Again After Receiving Artificial Legs

Eye Transplant Restores Woman’s Sight

 Woman Sees Angels & Spends Last Days In Comfort and Peace

The Son of Well-Known Atheist Receives Salvation

Surgery Performed on Child in the Womb

 A Dream Comes True

 A Bible Stops Bullet

 A Daffodil Blooms After Forcing Its Way Through Pavement

 I understand Father, now I can see. We need to be Your J.O.Y. Network and report Your Good News to the world.

Things like. . .

 An underground church in India prays undetected while Hindu persecutors surround their hiding place.

 Tornado destroys barn, leaving house standing with a mother and two children safely inside. 

The nurse who saved a 12-year-old boy’s life, is repaid. The boy, now a man working as a paramedic, recently saved the nurse’s life. She was eating in a restaurant when food lodged in her throat.  The paramedic, seated in the booth next to her came to her aid. 

Father, the miracles are always before us.  Give us eyes to see and

help us light the world with hope and thanksgiving—

remind us to praise You,  surrendering our storms to You.

Then we can claim Your promise that You will guard our minds and heart in

Christ Jesus.  Thank You, Father


©Janet Teitsort



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