Finding Our EnGedi

Now it happened, when Saul had returned from following the Philistines, that it was told him, saying, “Take note, David is in the Wilderness of En Gedi. I Samuel 24: 1

NOTE: En Gedi was a lovely oasis with a freshwater spring above the bleak shores of the Dead Sea.  The area around the spring stands in stark contrast to the surrounding desert.  (The Woman’s Study Bible Copyright 1995 Thomas Nelson, Inc. p.483)  This is the oasis where David hid from Saul.  As I speculated on this, I wondered if we’d discover our own spiritual En Gedi, if we’d find the secret of overcoming the trials and deserts of our earthly life.  Thus I asked. . .download (2)

Dear LORD,

Where can we discover our spiritual EnGedi, a place where the blossoms give off the sweet fragrance of Jesus, and the stream of Living Water saturates the dryness of our spirits? Perhaps, like the real EnGedi, it lays deep within the desert of our souls.

When our hearts feel like barren lands, En Gedi must lie in wait, a gift from God Almighty longing to fill our hearts with His Living Water so that Joy abounds.

Oh, LORD, we all have times of dryness, of disappointments and trials, tell us please, O Lord, how do we find our spiritual EnGedi? Where can we rejoice in YOUR oasis for the soul?

 Why child, don’t you know? Thankfulness—it  springs from a responsive heart, like a bubbling spring erupting from the ground. Thankfulness is a fountain of gratefulness, watering those around as well as penetrating the  dryness of your soul.

Thankfulness produces a personal EnGedi a spiritual paradise within the heart where JOY blooms, and the sweet scent of JESUS abounds.

©Janet Colsher Teitsort

                       THE SEEKER

Lord, I feel spiritually dry,

parched by the world.

I thirst.


Let me drink the Living Water

swallowing it in huge gulps,

that it may saturate my soul.

As I struggle to keep pace

with a world that never rests,

my prayers have become rote,

and my reading of Your Word, mechanical.

I thirst.


I have tasted the

Spiritual Water of EnGedi,

Your oasis for the soul,

and nothing else will satisfy.

Guide me out of this spiritual desert,

draw me apart,

fill me anew,

awaken my dulled senses, for

I thirst.


Bless me, O’Lord.

Let Your Spirit rain down on me,

that I may bloom with Your fruit

and offer the Living Water to others.

©Janet Colsher Teitsort



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