Partnering with God: Touch Seven Hearts for Good


They are all around us. Hearts. Needing a touch. This year, I am challenging myself along with my readers, to Touch Seven Hearts for Good during the months of November and December. I haven’t decided how I’m going to touch hearts, but the holiday months will lend themselves too many different possibilities. However, I’ve promised myself to try and think outside the box—meaning, I will look beyond the obvious need. To do that means we will have to put down our cell phones and connect with those who are in our midst. We will really have to listen and learn to read faces.


Try to do the things you always do during the holiday season, but in addition add the seven hearts. For example, I almost always fill shoeboxes for Samaritan Purse, but I’m going to do that, plus touch seven hearts for good. I don’t want this to be old hat, but new and personal for seven individuals. Whatever I choose to do may or may not cost money. Touching hearts for good doesn’t have to cost money. Let’s see who and what God puts in our path.


Maybe the heart you touch will be that person in the check-out lane at your Walmart. Maybe it will be the person you meet in the doctor’s office, and maybe, it will be your neighbor.  Then again, it might be someone you have read about in the newspaper. Who knows what you will be led to do. I suggest we all make it a matter of prayer, asking God to make us alert to the needs of people’s heart. I can guarantee, God will want to join you in this project.


The next thing is to journal about each heart you touch, not to brag or boast, but to remind yourself that you were blessed when you touched a heart for good. Let this be a joyful adventure as you partner with God in touching hearts. The time to begin? The moment you finish reading this blog. Have fun and I’d be thrilled to hear from you.



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